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Zoom Releases New H8 Recorder for Podcasters and Sound Recordists

Whether you’re recording live podcasts, live music, or location audio in the field, the Zoom H8 Handy Recorder isn’t simply up for the job—it’s optimized for it, thanks to three dedicated apps that instantly configure the built-in touchscreen for the task at hand. Switch to the PODCAST app, and you’ll be able to trigger sound effects, music cues, and more, right from the touchscreen. Flip to the MUSIC app, and you’ll have your faders and trims right under your fingertips. The FIELD app gives you prominent, easy-to-see metering, essential for keeping your on-location audio free from distortion. With the H8’s flexible inputs and long battery life, you’ll have the ability to record up to 8 mics at once for hours at a clip.

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