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Working from Home with an LG Gram Laptop

As my fellow parents may attest, working from home means much more than doing my day job and participating in a few Zoom meetings. Throughout the day, my home becomes an office, a school, an indoor playground, and a dine-in movie theater in which we happen to live. This means that being tethered to one spot with my mid-tower desktop computer isn’t as practical as it once was. Although my desktop computer has become a kind of centerpiece for work and entertainment, I need the flexibility of a laptop system to switch quickly between doing my job, helping my kid with schoolwork, meeting with people online, and winding down with a streaming movie or TV show at the end of the day. At the same time, I don’t want to sacrifice too much of the performance, comfort, and versality I’ve grown accustomed to with my desktop computer. Fortunately, the 17″ LG Gram laptop fills many of those high demands.

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