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Why You Should Upgrade your Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is the flagship model in Apple’s stable of well-designed computers and, as indicated by its name, the model intended for professional use, especially in creative fields such as video, photo, audio, design, animation, and more. Like most things at the top end of a company’s range, the Mac Pro is one of those computers that received a huge amount of attention when it was released, in late 2019. This new model saw a return to the more modular and squarish form factor of the Mac Pro from two generations ago, along with pretty spectacular performance upgrades throughout. Upgrades and a new physical design are expected with a new computer, of course, but particularly for those working with the especially unique Mac Pro from 2013, what does the late 2019 iteration mean?

Apple Mac Pro

Modular Design

We’ll talk about performance in a bit, but the most apparent change between the two generations is the physical design. And in the case of both generations of Mac Pros, their designs aren’t purely aesthetic, despite their being aesthetic objects. The designs are functional and intentional, but it’s safe to say that the 2019 edition is more functional in its intentions.

The previous generation will forever be known as one of the more polarizing designs from Apple, especially in regard to the expected user base of the Mac Pro. It was a computer that was not set up for the modularity and expandability one would expect from such a machine. One of the touted features of its distinct cylindrical design was the vertical airflow; the new 2019 Mac Pro has reverted to the more classic box-like shape to enable easier expansion and its exterior design incorporates a lattice pattern and three fans for even more effective cooling.

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