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Unleash a Fantastic Sound with the ISOVOX ISOMIC

You need a pro studio sound. Problem is, you don’t have a pro studio—but maybe you do have an ISOVOX portable isolation booth. If you do, you’re in luck: ISOVOX has released a mic with killer sonics designed for use within its patented personalized sound booths. It’s called the ISOMIC, and it boasts some amazing specs, for sure.

Geared toward voice-over artists, book narrators, and others who make use of the ISOVOX, the ISOMIC offers a jaw-dropping 7 Hz to 87 kHz frequency response. Its triangular capsule allows the diaphragm to stop resonating over three times faster than conventional circular capsules, which helps it sound ultra-realistic; its fast recovery speed minimizes any potential for resonance buildups endemic to other microphones. Thus, the capsule captures the sound itself more accurately and transparently.

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