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Turn Your Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera Into A Webcam With This Free App

You can now use medium format Fujifilm cameras as a webcam.

Fujifilm has released software that can turn X Series and GFX system cameras into a high quality webcam. The move brings medium format to platforms like Zoom and Skype. The Fujifilm X Webcam utility is available only for Windows and Windows 10 currently and allows you to connect a camera via a USB cable to a PC.

After downloading the software, the setup is straight-forward, but you’ll need to restart your computer before the changes will take effect. Fujifilm notes that some of the camera settings cannot be adjusted while the camera is connected to a computer, so be sure to adjust the settings prior. For consistent exposure Fujifilm suggests to choose manual exposure mode and select PREVIEW EXP./WB for SCREEN SETTING > PREVIEW EXP./WB IN MANUAL MODE in the setup menus. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it:

Once the camera settings are set, and it’s connected to the computer, the Fujifilm X Webcam utility should appear as an option in the application’s video and audio settings. As of now, 9 different Fujifilm cameras are compatible with the software.

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