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The Elegant Samsung T7 SSD

Samsung’s T7 Portable SSD warrants many adjectives. It’s fast. It’s secure. And as the name implies, it is indeed portable. But the word I keep coming back to is elegant. That’s not a description I usually associate with storage devices, but for the T7, it fits.

Samsung 2TB T7 Portable SSD
Samsung 2TB T7 Portable SSD

Let’s start with the design. The T7 approximates the shape of a credit card and is about four times as thick. It’s wondrously compact, which is great, because that’s obviously something you’re looking for in a portable SSD, but it’s also very sleek and minimalistic. No garish text or over-the-top branding; nothing lurid about the design at all. It’s just aesthetically pleasing.

But there’s more to elegance than just aesthetics, especially when it comes to consumer tech. Functionality also plays a key role. Specifically, the manner in which a device performs its core functions—call it technical elegance.

The T7 embodies the two big pillars of technical elegance: it is highly efficient and effective. For example, despite its modest footprint, the T7 offers great storage options (up to 2TB) and excellent sequential read/write speeds that are nearly double what the previous generation offered. Check out the comparison chart below:

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