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The Best Tools for a Mobile Podcast Studio

As I listen to podcasting develop as an artform, I am constantly reminded that the possibilities in this medium truly are endless. Gear has gotten smaller and more portable, and podcasters of all kinds are now able to take their shows on the road. There are some different options in terms of gear that may apply, if, for example, your podcast is strictly a roundtable discussion type show, versus one with a more complex, audio-storytelling style format that calls for on-location interviews. We’ll review some of the different options below.

Taking Your Show on the Road

If your podcast is a formal interview, or roundtable discussion show, then a setup that features a portable recorder with tabletop microphones is the choice for you. The Zoom PodTrak P4 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder with 2-Person Podcast Mic Pack really makes things easy, because it includes everything you need to start producing high-quality podcasts with up to four people, in an extremely portable package. This B&H Kit includes the Zoom PodTrak P4 portable multitrack podcast recorder, and allows you to configure your system by choosing up to four Zoom Podcast Mic Packs, each featuring the ZDM-1 large-diaphragm dynamic microphone, a custom windscreen, closed-back headphones, a tabletop tripod mic stand, and an XLR cable.

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