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Syrp Announces the Genie One Entry-Level Motion Control Device

Syrp has announced that it is adding the new Genie One to the company’s lineup of motion control devices, this one being an entry-level version for capturing timelapse, panorama, turntable, live drive, and other shots. In a simple design, the Genie One allows you to achieve motorized pan or linear tracking motion (one or the other at a time) with DSLRs and compact mirrorless cameras. Linear tracking motion is achieved via an included rope and rope mount that secure to your camera slider. The rope installs into the Genie One, wrapping around a motorized rotating wheel on the bottom, and the Genie One travels along its length at user-assignable speeds and distances.

Syrp Genie One Motion Control Pan Head/Linear Drive
Syrp Genie One

One of the top features of the Genie One is that it can be operated via an iOS/Android app, enabling you to do everything remotely. The app lets you set up keyframes via an intuitive keyframe editor, and it also allows you to choose presets such as “People” and “Stars,” in timelapse and other modes.

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