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Sony’s Compact FX3 Blends Cinema Line and Alpha Systems

Emphasizing compactness, Sony’s FX3 Cinema Camera is the latest take on blurring the lines between Sony’s Cinema and Alpha lines of cameras, marrying the top-end video capabilities of the FX cameras with a portable, handheld-optimized form factor like the a7S III. As a camera straddling the lines of capability and versatility, the FX3 takes some of the most coveted features from both to make the ideal camera for solo shooters, for travel needs, for use as a B-camera on high-end shoots, or simply as the main camera for filmmakers who treasure the idea of a sleek and well-spec’d full-frame cinema camera.

What Is It?

Covering the imaging tech, the FX3 has a familiar set of features, which is honestly fine because it’s complementing two lines that have just been marked by homeruns in terms of imaging assets.

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