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Sonos Arc is the Most Complete Soundbar to Date

This isn’t the article I planned to write when I was offered an opportunity to review the new Arc from Sonos. Soundbars aren’t a new concept, in fact this is Sonos’s 4th-generation model following the highly lauded PLAYBAR, the PLAYBASE, and most recently, the Beam. Smart speakers aren’t new either; just like the latest Arc, the aforementioned Beam supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay 2. Smart connectivity is pretty much par for the course these days. Soundbars aside, Sonos offers an array of connected speakers. Which leads to my next point: Sonos has been at this for a while, and I’ve become spoiled by the brand, almost to the point where I take how well my own system works for granted. My entire family uses it, young and old (me), and I’ve never heard the words, “Dad, the speaker isn’t working,” which speaks for itself. So, with the Arc, I was expecting more of the same—a new speaker from Sonos that just works as designed. What I got instead was the most enjoyable Sonos experience I’ve had to date, and arguably one of the best speaker surprises I’ve had. Sure, I could’ve saved my opinion for the closing, but allow me to explain how I reached this conclusion.

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