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Smooth Moves with edelkrone’s Latest SliderPLUS v5 Sliders

The new SliderPLUS v5 line from edelkrone presents the latest versions of its movable rail sliders that cleverly extend with your camera’s travel. This hallmark design offers twice the range of standard sliders in a compact form, saving weight and space in your gear bag, making the SliderPLUS v5 a perfect choice for your own travels. edelkrone has also introduced a new motorized slider control and a bevy of dedicated soft cases for carrying your edelkrone gear.

SliderPLUS v5 Long

Four New Slider Models

The four new SliderPLUS v5 versions consist of the 13″ SliderPLUS v5 Compact, the 21″ SliderPLUS v5 Long, the 17″ SliderPLUS v5 PRO Compact, and the 25″ SliderPLUS v5 PRO Long. Creating some visual effects or multiple product shots for a client? Use edelkrone’s new Slide Module v3 to create “macro-precise” looping motions and other moves with any SliderPLUS slider and your camera.

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