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Shure Wireless Buying Guide: Which System Is Right for Me?

One of the most recognized names in audio, Shure has earned its wireless pedigree by providing dependable performance and high-quality wireless sound for performers, instructors, clergy, presenters, DJs, and musicians at every level. There are a variety of analog and digital systems to choose from, all available with popular Shure handheld mics or with bodypacks that can accommodate lavalier, headset, and instruments mics, as well as guitar cables.

Three things you must know if you want to go wireless: What am I doing? Where am I doing it? How many microphones will I need in the same room at once? Let’s look at this system-by-system guide and find out which is right for you, starting with analog versus digital.

Analog vs Basic Digital vs Advanced Digital

—from $299

BLX & SLX Systems

  • High-quality compressed analog audio
  • Enable large number of microphones operating in the same room (42+)
  • Longer operating range (300′)
  • Require manual adjustments in case of RF interference
  • Possible interference from TV channels
  • No latency
  • Limited selection of fixed and interchangeable Shure mic capsules

See Basic Analog Systems section.

Basic Digital
—from $349

PGX-D & GLX-D Systems

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