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Shure MV Series Microphones: Refreshed and Ready for Production

Surely good news for people in the business of podcasting, video conferencing, home recording, and vlogging, Shure has refreshed its MV Series microphones and some are bundled with new accessories to make unboxing even more exciting.

The low-profile MV5 digital condenser microphone (available in gray with black foam or in black with red foam) sports styling reminiscent of Shure’s classic Green Bullet harp mic on the outside and high-tech, yet user-friendly electronics on the inside to create a visually pleasing microphone that can be used with computers, iPhones, and iPads. From its custom-tuned cardioid capsule to its three DSP modes, which automatically optimize gain, EQ, compression, and limiting, the MV5 is made to give you great sound in a hurry. Plus, its integrated headphone output lets you hear your audio in real time. It comes with a desktop stand and cables for USB and Lightning connectivity.

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