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Share the View with the Mars X Wireless Video Transmitter from Hollyland

Sleek and lightweight, the compact Mars X 1080p HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter from Hollyland enables you to share your camera view while recording simultaneously on up to three iOS or Android mobile devices. No more explaining to the director, D.P., or producer how the shot went—they can see for themselves in real time! Supporting up to 1080p HD video, the Mars X Transmitter is also a great solution for easier focus pulling by your camera assistant.

Hollyland Mars X 1080p HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter
Hollyland Mars X 1080p HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter

The Mars X Transmitter’s compact design is especially handy for use with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and smaller camcorders. If centrally mounted on your camera, it won’t even interfere with your gimbal balance. Optimal transmission range is up to 150′ with a maximum range of up to 300′. The Mars X works with progressive video input via HDMI and Wi-Fi–connected mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Use the HollyView app with updated firmware and smart channel selection to sync your device with the Mars X Transmitter.

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