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Samsung Announces Galaxy Fit 2 with 3-Week Battery Life

Samsung’s latest activity tracker, the Galaxy Fit 2, is now available to order at B&H. The new wearable delivers all the features you’d expect from a premium tracker: big display, lots of fitness metrics, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. But it’s the battery life that’s going to turn the most heads. Samsung promises the Galaxy Fit 2 will get between two and three weeks of juice per charge, depending on your settings. If true, that means the Fit 2’s battery life will crush almost all of its competition.


Apart from the extended battery life, the Galaxy Fit 2 appears to be a moderately superior successor to the already-very-good Galaxy Fit. Its 1.1″ AMOLED display is bigger than the original’s and has higher resolution. The Bluetooth version and connectivity technology are more current, as they should be.

The Galaxy Fit 2 does feature the same sensor array as the original—accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart rate monitor—but those are must-haves for any premium tracker, so you wouldn’t expect them to change. Similar to the sensor array, the Galaxy Fit 2 ports over the original Fit’s waterproof rating and durability, its automatic five-activity fitness detection (walking, running, rowing, dynamic workout, and elliptical training), similar remote controls—basically everything that made the Galaxy Fit great, the Galaxy Fit 2 brought along.

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