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RANE Releases the Upgraded Twelve and Seventy-Two MKII for Pro DJs

When it comes to keeping up with the high-energy sets of demanding professional DJs and competitive turntablists, RANE is well known in festivals, club circuits, and underground battles and has once again stepped in to elevate the platform with the release of MKII versions of its Twelve motorized turntable controller and Seventy-Two scratch mixer.

For those who don’t already know, the Twelve MKII is a 4-deck 12″ motorized turntable controller offering the accuracy (3600 ticks of platter resolution) and feel of vinyl without the hassle of dealing with busted needles, wonky tonearms, and pesky feedback. The MKII version boasts integration with Serato DJ Pro, Traktor, and Virtual DJ software, DVS Audio control, access to track browse/select and instant doubles via USB, a plunger-style start/stop button, and a new OLED screen showing BPM and USB control selection.

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