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PreSonus Releases ATOM SQ—A MIDI Controller for Our Times

If you’re looking for a complete package for making music and programming beats, check out the PreSonus ATOM SQ, a versatile tool that offers an intuitive performance layout with 32 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads that will suit keyboard players, step-sequencer aficionados, and button mashers alike. The ATOM SQ has one single aim for producers and composers: it helps you lay down beats, harmonies, and melodies without oppressive menu diving or endless configurations.

PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard/Pad Performance and Production Controller
PreSonus ATOM SQ

The ATOM SQ makes use of an ergonomic arrangement of pads that will look familiar to players and drum programmers equally. Eight rotary encoders can be configured with almost any software parameter in your host DAW, making controlling your software a breeze. An intuitive display screen changes to fit the context and provides valuable information, including CC assignments and more. Built in to the unit is a Constrain to Scale feature that eliminates the possibility of playing a bum note within a specific scale, thereby making composition easy, as well as fun.

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