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Photo Tips and Favorite Gear for Successful Fall Foliage Pictures

Each autumn, as the days get shorter and the weather cools, chlorophyll production slows in hardwood trees and bushes, causing leaves to lose the vibrant green of summer. As these conditions overtake the map, nature puts on a brilliant show of color in many parts of the United States. The changing of the leaves follows a rough pathway from north to south, starting in early September and often lasting into November in southern locales.

Above photograph: Colorado Gold, Maroon Bells Scenic Area © Bryan Carnathan

Fall foliage season is a big draw for photographers throughout the United States, from New England and upstate New York, spreading southward through the Appalachian Mountains or across into Midwestern states such as Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, before reaching westward to Colorado, California’s magnificent Sierra Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.

According to Peterson, June Lake Loop in California’s Eastern Sierra is always in a photographer’s viewfinder because there is so much color in fall!Moose Peterson

To help you plan for future leaf-peeping excursions, we recently solicited tips from several outdoor, landscape, and portrait-photography specialists.

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