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Panoramas, Focal Lengths, and Photoshop

Panoramas are visually interesting, and that’s why Panorama modes can be found on many consumer cameras. Simply set the camera to Panorama mode, frame your shot, and follow the panning instructions in your viewfinder. Move slowly, evenly, and keep your camera level with the horizon. If your camera is on a tripod, so much the better. Do it right and you get a terrific panoramic image of up to 360 degrees, depending on how you set your camera.

I have long been a fan of panorama imaging, you can imagine my surprise when I realized my Sony a7R III—the fourth Sony A7-series camera I’ve owned—does not have a Panorama mode. My a7S, a7R, and a7R II each had a Panorama mode. The a7R III doesn’t, which is why my original plan to create panoramas ​with varying focal length lenses by using the in-camera shooting mode suddenly morphed into something different, and I had to turn to Adobe Photoshop to merge my 2:3 images into wider-field panoramic photographs. This two-part story became a three-part story when I had to turn to Adobe Photoshop for merging my 2:3 images into wider-field panoramic photographs.

Photographs © Allan Weitz 2020

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