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Outfit Your Pro Video Camera with an ARRI Accessory Set

If you’ve worked with ARRI cameras, you can already appreciate ARRI’s line of rugged pro camera accessories for ARRI ALEXA, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA cameras. But what about when you’re using other cameras? ARRI also makes support rigs and mechanical and electronic accessories compatible with other popular digital cine, broadcast/ENG, and mirrorless cameras. Use these top-notch components to streamline your workflow when mixing cameras on the same shoot or to lend ARRI durability and precision to your third-party camera. This guide will help you configure your camera rig to best suit each of your setups.

19mm Studio Support Kit for Sony Venice

How to Choose Your Support Set

When choosing an ARRI accessory set for your camera, it’s like building a house—it’s always a good idea to start with the foundation. Your choice of a base plate system will very often determine the selection of components that are added on to complete the rig.

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