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Next-Gen Gaming Incoming—Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Price and Availability

Oh gamers. You are such a delectable bunch. Being a gamer myself, and coming from the old GamePro days of the golden age of video games, I love gamers, I love gaming, and I love when a company makes a big to-do about even the most miniscule news.

Fortunately for us, the news today from Sony was not miniscule. As expected, Sony trotted out the PlayStation 5 (PS5) price and availability specs this afternoon, and it was right in the epicenter of everyone’s predictions. The PS5 will be available November 12th in the U.S. (November 19th worldwide), with a two-tier price tag: $400 for the digital unit (no disc drive or ability to play disc-based games) and $500 for a traditional disc-based console.

Is it worth this price? All specs point to yes. Besides the much-touted ability for ray-tracing in games (ray-tracing is the ability to blend light and shadow, in ways that were previously seen only in CGI work in cinema, but has moved on to new NVIDIA graphics cards, and now the PS5), it’s about 5 times faster than the launch edition of the PlayStation 4, and 2 ½ times faster than the PlayStation 4 Pro. It can deliver 8K graphics with frame rates up to 120fps.

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