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New Dark Series Grandmother and Matriarch Analog Synths from Moog

Over the last couple of years, Moog’s Grandmother and Matriarch semi-modular analog synthesizers have earned themselves a special spot in the hearts of collectors, enthusiasts, modular synth fanatics, and beginners. That’s why Moog decided to launch them in a special “Dark Series” design aesthetic that matches other popular Moog semi-modular synths, including the DFAM, Mother-32, and Subharmonicon. As a nod to gigging musicians, Moog has also released water-resistant, padded, semi-rigid cases to safeguard your Grandmother and Matriarch synths.

Moog Grandmother & Dark Matriarch Dark
Moog Grandmother Dark and Matriarch Dark

The Grandmother Dark is functionally identical to the original Grandmother, so for those who don’t already know…its foundation is a 32-note, velocity-sensitive Fatar keyboard triggering a semi-modular analog synth, which requires no patching to perform. It’s built up by the inclusion of an arpeggiator, 256-note sequencer, and patchable spring reverb tank.

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