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Must-Have Gear for Remote Learning

In the wake of the coronavirus, many facets of our daily lives have changed. Among those changes are how we teach students and how they learn. Online lessons, remote education—these are now the new normal and may continue to be for the foreseeable future. In light of that fact, we’ve put together an educator-approved gear list that will help keep your virtual classroom running smoothly.

Networking Gear

Currently, there’s no standardized way to implement remote learning. Some teachers are using a correspondence-by-email-only approach, while others are livestreaming lectures or posting online assignments. In some areas, teachers are using a hybrid method that combines remote learning with on-site classes. Whatever the approach, all of these examples have one big thing in common: they require the Internet.

There’s really no getting around it. If you want to participate in an online program, you need to be able to get online. Which means you’re going to need reliable networking equipment: modems, routers, connector cables, etc. The good news is that if you’re reading this article at home, you probably already have some version of the necessary equipment. And as long as your gear is in good, working order, you likely won’t need to make a significant change.

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