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Moog’s Limited-Run Synth Kit and Elite Claravox Centennial Theremin

Leave it to Moog to make esoteric electronic musical instruments that are bound to intrigue anyone from the synth-curious musician to the avid collector. The company’s latest releases feature the limited-run return of the Werkstatt-01 analog synth kit and the Claravox Centennial premium performance theremin, available in standard or left-handed versions.

Whether you’re anxious to dip your toe into the inviting waters of analog synthesis or you’re simply a music creator looking to obtain a new tool for some interesting sonic experiments, the Werkstatt-01 won’t let you down. Based on the desirable instrument shown in the 2014 Moogfest Engineering Workshop, this version boasts the addition of a gate input jack and the inclusion of a 1/8″ CV expander, which lets you smoothly integrate the Werkstatt-01 with samplers, other synths, hardware sequencers, or even audio interfaces with DC-coupled outputs.

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