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Meet the Original Handheld Split Diopter from CinePacks

The CinePacks Split Filter is not only the world’s first handheld split diopter, it’s also crazy affordable.

Almost every filmmaker or cinephile can name their favorite split diopter shot. Directors and cinematographers, from Orson Welles and Gregg Toland to Alan J. Pakula and Gordon Willis, have been using these filters for practical in-camera effects for decades—even indie filmmakers and videographers get in on the action.

But the cumbersome design and prohibitively expensive price tag of these filters often keep them out of the hands of creatives with smaller budgets.

That’s where the CinePacks Split Filter comes in.

The CinePacks Split Filter is the original handheld split diopter filter that allows you to get double focus effects, lens distortions, reflections, and creative blur effects all in-camera.

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