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Lowel’s New C-Stand Lineup Gives You a Good Grip on Photo and Media Shoots

Like a kid in a candy store, it’s time to hustle up to the front of the counter and try out Lowel’s new lineup of C-stands and grip accessories—a veritable erector set for photographers and filmmakers.

Featuring sturdy aluminum-and-steel construction, Lowel’s first foray into the professional grip industry comes in two different flavors of C-stands—a turtle base and a sliding leg model—each of which are outfitted with a 40″ double riser shaft and rated to a load capacity of 22 lb. 

Grip head
Grip head

Affording a maximum working height of 118″ and weighing 12.8 lb, the turtle base model offers spring-loaded legs for fast setup and breakdown and a removable base that allows for the introduction of stand adapters or other accessories into a 1-1/8″ junior receiver for low-angle lighting. Alternatively, you can replace the legs with a runway base for greater mobility. 

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