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Keeping Fast Company with Manfrotto’s 504X Head and FAST Legs

Recently, I tested the new Manfrotto 504X Fluid Head on a variety of tripod legs. This included a kit with the 645 FAST Twin Leg Aluminum Tripod and 2-in-1 Spreader, as well as swapping the head over to the 635 single-tube carbon fiber legs and putting that combination system through its paces. I was a big fan of the 504HD when it was released and was very much looking forward to checking out the improvements to the pan and tilt controls. I expected to take some time to get accustomed to the differences, but little did I know how much those new features would influence operation for the better. In the era of film cameras, one huddled close to the tripod to operate, and even when shooting ENG, it was the same relationship—body tight to camera, eye glued to the eyepiece. In this era of lighter cameras, with flip-out monitors or on-camera monitors, getting in tight when tripod mounted isn’t necessary anymore, and operating from a tripod without having to wedge one’s head against the eyepiece makes the work easier, more comfortable, and much more relaxed.

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