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Introducing the BenQ GS2 Water-Resistant Portable Smart Projector

If you’re tired of spending your time cooped up in the house watching TV, then the BenQ GS2 projector might be just what you need to shake your cabin fever. It features a compact (roughly 5.5″ to a side), lightweight (just 3.53 lb) design, making it easy to carry around, and its built-in 3-hour rechargeable battery lets you watch a full movie or sporting event nearly anywhere. A USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI port let you connect nearly any modern source device.

BenQ GS2 500-Lumen HD Portable DLP Projector with Wireless Adapter

All that would be enough for some projectors, but not the GS2. It also features an IPX2 rating, meaning it’s resistant to light drizzle and water spills, and a unibody construction and rubber surface to keep it safe if it’s dropped from up to 1.6′. A ¼”-20 tripod mount lets you mount the projector to your tripod if you need some extra height, and a hinged base lets you tilt the GS2 up or down as needed.

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