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Image Resolution versus Image Rendition

Image sharpness is an important part of the equation when purchasing a new lens. Who among us has purchased a lens without first inquiring about, among other things, how sharp the lens is? Anybody?

Don’t get me wrong. Lens sharpness is an important piece of criteria when it comes to purchasing a new lens and that’s because, just like you, I only want sharp lenses regardless of whether the lens is a pricier OEM lens or a lower-priced, third-party lens. If the lens isn’t sharp, “Feh—I don’t want it.”

Photographs ã Allan Weitz 2020

Now here’s the ironic (and in my opinion, the funny) part of the story—some of the most iconically famous photographs ever taken aren’t sharp. Many good examples of sharp and not-so-sharp iconic photographs were taken during WWII. Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima is a sharp photograph. Many of Robert Capa’s strongest D-Day invasion photographs tended to be blurred, and many of these are Capa’s most powerful and best-recognized images.

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