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How to Use Your Sigma fp Camera as a Webcam

Whether you want a professional look for your livestreams or simply to look better during your next video chat, one of the best options is to use a dedicated camera with excellent video specs, such as your Sigma fp Mirrorless Camera. You will need a few key accessories to make it happen, but the benefit is well worth it.

Sigma fp Mirrorless Digital Camera
Sigma fp Mirrorless Digital Camera

Why Use the Sigma fp Instead of a Webcam?

Quality, quality, quality. There is a reason we don’t use webcams to shoot feature films. The Sigma fp is an impressive little camera with a powerful full-frame sensor that delivers outstanding 4K video. That should be plenty of reason to opt for your fp instead of the webcam built into your computer, tablet, or phone.

Recommended Equipment

Currently, the only current Sigma camera that will work well for webcam use is the Sigma fp. This is because it is already configured to work as a webcam with a simple USB connection, meaning if you have the camera in hand, all you really need to worry about is getting a good USB-C cable. What we can do instead is recommend a couple of lenses that might work well.

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