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How to Use your FUJIFILM Camera as a Webcam

As social distancing and work from home became a way of life for a large percentage of the population, we saw an immediate increase in the number of video calls and virtual meetings taking place. Just because you can get away without wearing pants on some of these calls—not recommended, mind you—doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look your best. And what camera makes you look your best? Well, your brilliant FUJIFILM X Series or GFX mirrorless, of course. This is why FUJIFILM responded to present times with the launch of the FUJIFILM X Webcam software utility that allows you to use your excellent camera as a webcam.

Why Use a FUJIFILM Camera Instead of a Webcam?

For many, the built-in webcam of their computer or tablet or smartphone is good enough. But if you want to look your best, you’ll want a camera that delivers the best quality. There are many reasons why:

    • FUJIFILM cameras deliver higher-quality images.
    • Mirrorless cameras offer full manual control.
    • Lens choice can give you a different look than the usual wide-angle of webcams.
    • Cameras can be placed anywhere you want.
    • Larger sensors on mirrorless provide better low-light performance with less noise.
    • FUJIFILM Film Simulations add instant style to your footage.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The simplest reason is that if you want better quality, you should use a better camera.

Recommended Cameras and Equipment

Step one is to make sure you have a compatible camera (and computer). The FUJIFILM X Webcam software is Windows-only at the moment, and supports the following:

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