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How to Choose the Right LED TV

Deciding what TV to buy can seem like a daunting task. With dozens of brands and sizes to choose from, as well as various technologies available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by it all. Presuming that you’ve decided on an LED TV (as opposed to an OLED TV, covered here), this guide will help you narrow down your options, bringing you closer to finding the right LED TV for your home.

Wait… Why Not OLED?

Many people would argue that OLED technology is “better” than LED, and if you’re only comparing image quality, that may very well be true, but there are various other factors that would make one or the other better for you, with two particular points in favor of LED. First, all homes are different. Some people have dedicated theater rooms, or blackout curtains in their living rooms, so they can always watch everything in near-pitch blackness. That’d be the ideal viewing space for an OLED; with glass surfaces that are typically glossy, OLED TVs will reflect any light in the room. That’d be fine for some TV viewing, but not necessarily for watching anything with dark scenes.

LED TV (left) vs OLED TV (right)
LED TV (left) vs OLED TV (right)

The second point in favor of LED tech over OLED is that since it’s a relatively new technology, OLED TVs are typically quite a bit more expensive than LED TVs in the same size with similar features. This generally allows LED customers to get a TV with many more features at a noticeably lower price point than an OLED.

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