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Hollywood Studios Are Beginning to Hide Box Office Receipts

We are used to streamers keeping the numbers from us, but now studios have joined in.

One of the ways we measure success in Hollywood is by box office return. It’s how we can tell which genres do the best, which actors matter, and if directors are worth an investment. And now that’s being taken away from us and put behind closed doors.

In a new article from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s revealed that Searchlight Pictures is hiding the receipts for Nomadland because they don’t want to create the false impression that the movie was a failure. Obviously, the pandemic has affected who’s going to movie theaters. Numbers can hurt people’s confidence. But this is the one time where I don’t think investors or financiers would hold them against films.

Everyone knows we are in a bad place. Studios cannot use this as a way to close communication.

And it’s not just Searchlight. A24 didn’t give any numbers for Minari, which is playing in roughly 140 locations.

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