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Heritage Audio Introduces a New Channel Strip and Passive Monitor Controller

When it comes to studio recording, there’s something about the sound of classic British consoles that musicians, singers, engineers, and producers just can’t resist. Aiming to give people more of what they want, Heritage Audio—already well known for its analog outboard gear—has released two new pieces of studio equipment, the HA-81A hybrid channel strip and the Baby RAM passive monitor controller. Whether you’re putting together your first studio or upgrading your existing setup, the HA-81A and the Baby RAM can elevate the sonic experience during tracking and mixing.

Heritage Audio Channel Strip and Passive Monitor Controller

The HA-81A channel strip combines a top-notch, 73-style preamp and a versatile, 81-style equalizer in a space-saving 1 RU chassis. The Class-A preamp features Carnhill and St. Ives input and output transformers for loads of character and up to 80 dB of gain to handle anything from vintage ribbon mics to modern condensers. In addition to the expected phantom power and polarity reverse, it also offers a -20 dB pad, an output trim, and three inputs—mic and line via separate XLR jacks and a front-panel 1/4″ DI input.

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