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Hasselblad’s 907X 50C Mirrorless Medium Format Camera Is Now Available

If you missed your chance to grab Hasselblad’s limited edition 907X Special Edition last year, never fear! Hasselblad has just released the 907X 50C Mirrorless Digital Camera, one of the most compact and beautiful medium format digital cameras on the market. Complementing this modular camera is a dedicated Control Grip and Optical Viewfinder.

The 907X is compatible with the XCD range of mirrorless lenses, as well as HC/HCD, V system, and XPan lenses via optional adapters. The CFV II 50C digital back consists of a 50MP CMOS 44 x 33mm medium format sensor capable of a whopping 14 stops of dynamic range and 16-bit color depth. Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution technology ensures true-to-life color, producing natural skin tones, brilliant landscapes, and precise reproductions. Files can be saved as Hasselblad 3FR raw or full-size JPEG.

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