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Hands-On Review: The New Sachtler aktiv System

The Sachtler aktiv SpeedLevel tripod system with SpeedSwap Stud is a quick release method for mounting your tripod head on legs. However, there is so much more that the aktiv system brings to working with tripods and fluid heads, that the word “jaw-dropping” may not be enough to cover it. Fast, simple to use, and smart, the Sachtler aktiv system is not just a new mounting system for a tripod head and legs, it also has a separate mounting base for working with sliders or getting lock-off shots. The aktiv system expands the capabilities of flowtech legs, while enabling you to work faster.

The system is extensive and consists of four different tripod heads. The aktiv6, aktiv8, and aktiv10 all feature a Sideload plate S, while the aktiv8T features a Touch & Go plate S. The new aktiv6 head supports up to 17.6 pounds and has three steps of pan and tilt drag (plus a 0 setting), while the aktiv8 and aktiv8T support up to 26.5 pounds and have seven steps of pan and tilt drag (plus a 0 setting). The aktiv10 head is similar to the aktiv8 in terms of weight range and settings, but unlike the aktiv6, 8, and 8T, the aktiv10 has a 100mm half ball for leveling.

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