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Hands-On Review: The High-Resolution Leica M10-R

How do you make one of the most refined camera systems even better? Up the resolution, of course. For a camera system maker that thrives on minimalism, the launch of the M10-R is exactly what you’d expect from Leica: one strong and meaningful update without touching anything else. While I can argue that this is exactly the reason why Leica does camera updates right, I also wonder, is it enough? Does just bumping up the M10’s resolution to 40MP validate an entire new camera?

Yes. Yes, it does. With some caveats, I suppose. It’s hard to argue that your perfectly fine 24MP rangefinder is suddenly irrelevant now that there is a 40MP M10-R. Or it’s hard to argue you need the matching color model if you’re just a monochrom(e) photographer. But if you’re someone who’s been eyeing a Leica for a while, lusting for a Leica for a while, but just can’t totally justify it for one reason or another, the M10-R is going to throw a wrench in your rationalization. At least it did for me.

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