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Hands-On Review: Genaray Trailblazer T40-D Daylight LED Light

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Trailblazer T40D Daylight LED Light was how compact Genaray’s newest light is. Slightly larger than a travel mug and weighing just over a pound, it is about as “everyday carry” as a stand-mountable light can be. It comes with a dedicated carrying case, but you can just as easily toss it into a backpack or camera bag to consolidate space if you are hiking or biking to your location.

A built-in diffuser lens helps transform the Trailblazer T40D’s COB LED array into a uniform source.

The Trailblazer T40D uses a 40W chip-on-board (COB) LED array with a built-in diffuser lens to create soft, uniform light. It has a Bowens S-Type mount integrated into its build, so you can further shape its output using an array of modifiers. I paired it with Angler’s 36″ BoomBox Octagonal Softbox, which took less than a minute to attach and set up.

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