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Google Announces Pixel 5 at “Launch Night In” Event

Yesterday, at its Launch Night In event, Google debuted several pieces of consumer tech, including the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G smartphones, a new Chromecast device, and the Nest Audio smart speaker. In addition to the hardware, we also learned about the new updated “Google TV” app, as well as some exciting updates for existing applications. Here’s everything that was everything at this year’s event.

Pixel 5

As expected, the headliner of this year’s event was the Pixel 5. Google’s newest smartphone picks up where the Pixel 4 left off—as an incredibly sophisticated smartphone with one of the top-performing camera systems on the market—then makes an interesting pivot.

Google Pixel 5 5G Smartphone
Google Pixel 5 5G Smartphone

Instead of following the standard flagship playbook of amassing as much base power as possible—a move that typically carries a significant cost—the Pixel 5 offers a more focused approach, one that eschews power for the sake of power and focuses on key features.

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