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Go Ultra-Wide, yet Light, with the New Venus Optics Laowa Cine Primes

Go wide, wider, and widest with three new ultra-wide Laowa cine lenses from Venus Optics. These uniquely compact, fast lenses include a 15mm T2.1 Zero-D for full-frame cameras, a 9mm T2.9 Zero-D for Super 35 capture, and a 7.5mm T2.1 for Micro Four Thirds sensors. Each lens sports the same high-quality optical construction as the Venus still-photo lenses, but incorporates distinct, pro cine-style features. Venus Optics has also released Canon EF, Sony FE, and ARRI PL versions of its existing 12mm Zero-D cine lens with focus marks in meters instead of feet.

The Laowa 15mm T2.1 and 9mm T2.9 Zero-D lenses use Japanese aspherical glass elements to reduce or eliminate the barrel distortion often seen in wider lenses. Each cine-style ultra-wide lens features 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears for compatibility with follow focus systems and lens motors and a click-less iris design for precise aperture adjustments. As is customary with cine lenses, the aperture markings are given in T-stops rather than f-stops for a more accurate measurement of the light transmitted (T) through the lens. Each lens has a threaded front for mounting a filter without the weight of a matte box with the 15mm using a 77mm, the 9mm a 55mm, and the 7.5mm a 49mm thread.

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