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From Gimbals to Gliders: A DJI Buying Guide

With its global market share now approaching eighty percent, DJI is the undisputed leader when it comes to consumer drones. However, despite widespread recognition and its dominant market standing, many consumers don’t realize DJI’s product line goes well beyond its unmanned flyers. For those understandably unaware individuals, we’ve put together this buying guide that covers several of DJI’s prominent categories, with exemplary products from each.


Despite its varied and extensive catalogue, there’s no getting around the fact that DJI is best known for its drones. In fact, the name DJI is so synonymous with drones that people sometimes use them interchangeably. At this year’s CES, I overheard two attendees discussing a drone on display and referring to it simply as “a DJI” (it wasn’t). My father, who recently purchased a Mavic Mini, now calls all drones “one of those DJIs”—much the same way some people call all fitness trackers “a Fitbit” or any GPS device “a Garmin.”

DJI Mavic Mini

One of the reasons these two words are so interchangeable is because DJI makes the best drones in the world. That’s not an opinion; that’s just a fact. Yes, other companies have made some truly spectacular drones—we’ve flown them, and they are—but none have done it as consistently as DJI, nor with the same level of innovation.

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