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Essential Tools and Tips for Macro Photographers

Macro photographs enable you to capture in-your-face close-ups of flowers, bugs, peeling paint, and—depending on your personal aesthetics—anything encrusted in rust. The following are 10 gift ideas designed to help you with tight close-ups of objects, rusty or otherwise.

1. Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are specifically designed to capture sharp close-up photographs. Available in normal (or standard), wide-angle, and telephoto focal lengths, most macro lenses can get as close as life-size (1:1). A few macros only focus down to half life-size (1:2), while others can focus down to 5x life-size (5:1). Macro lenses with tilt-shift abilities, which enable you to increase (and decrease) the plane-of-field of your close-ups, are also available.

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