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Do You Need a Mentor to Succeed as a Writer in Hollywood?

Do you need a mentor to succeed in Hollywood? Let’s learn from experience.

I moved from the Philadelphia suburbs to Hollywood in the summer of 2012. Almost exactly 8 years ago. I lived on a friend’s couch, got a job as a runner, graduated to becoming an assistant, story editor, sold a script, and I’ve been doing some form of professional writing ever since.

Along the way, I’ve had many mentors. Some good, some bad. A few let me down. I let a couple of others down myself, and the rest have stayed.

The best ones have been stalwarts in my time of need.

Helping me learn how to pitch. Reading my material, even collaborating at times.

But 8 years into Hollywood, an appearance on The Black List, and with one feature film made, and I started to think about the idea of mentoring. While I try to use this blog to give my bossy opinions on everything Hollywood and screenwriting, I wanted to expand our purview.

I threw a question out into the Twittersphere—Do mentors matter, and how do you get them?

I got a handful of nice replies.

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