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Dive Deep into the Sound of ‘Return of the Jedi’

The sound design of Star Wars is explained by the father of Skywalker Sound, Ben Burtt!

One of the small wonders inside the Star Wars universe is how every sound sells the world that’s being built. They never feel out of place or wonky, they just take us deeper into a world we are slowly beginning to understand. That goes for the blasters but also the foreign languages spoken on every planet.

The man behind the mythos is Ben Burtt. He’s the guy who was behind the scenes of your childhood. Creating the “voice” of R2-D2, the lightsaber hum, the sound of the blaster guns, the heavy breathing of Darth Vader, and the Ewoks’ language, Ewokese.

And that’s only his Star Wars work. But how did he do all of that? Like how can you make a language?

Check out this video from INDEPTH Sound Design, and let’s talk after the jump!

Do a Deep Dive into the Sound of Return of the Jedi with Ben Burtt

This is a long video, and I won’t summarize it all so you can enjoy discovering things for yourself. But I did want to look at a few highlights together.

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