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Classic Computer Review: The 1999 Apple iBook

My writing career began in the late 1990s when Mike McNamara, the Executive Editor of Popular Photography magazine, offered me an opportunity to write a monthly column.

At first, I was fine working after hours on my Apple Power Macintosh G3 desktop, which featured a speedy-at-the-time 266MHz 5600rpm Motorola CPU, a 4GB hard-drive, Mac OS 8, and a choice of a floppy drive, a Zip Drive, or a CD Reader/Writer for transferring and backing up data and image files.

Compared to the stodgy design of my otherwise well-endowed Mac PowerPC G3 desktop (left), my new Blueberry iBook looked unlike anything else in the marketplace when it made its debut, in 1999.

As I became busier writing for other outlets, I decided it was time to get a laptop so I could make better use of my back-and-forth commute time. Fortunately for me, Apple had just introduced the iBook, which in addition to being one of Apple’s first i-branded products and Apple’s first laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity, was an awesome-looking machine.

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