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Check-In with the L-Mount Alliance

It has been about two years since the formal debut of the L-Mount Alliance and, in that time, we’ve seen a fledgling mount grow into a well-rounded, three-pronged system. As a refresher, the L-Mount Alliance is a collaboration of sorts between Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma, who are all actively developing mirrorless cameras and lenses using a common lens mount. The brands are still functioning independently, but their resulting efforts are benefitting users with a greater range of camera and lens options. For instance, you might like the stills features of one camera, the video features of another camera, and want to mix and match the zoom lenses from one brand with the fast primes from another. By having more participants in the development mix, L-Mount shooters are given greater variety without the need to resort to adapters or multiple lens systems. Let’s check in with each of the three members of the alliance and see what they’re bringing to the L-Mount table.

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