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ARRI Lenses—the Current Professional Standard in Cinema

ARRI is a brand name that has been long associated with cinema, and products that bear the ARRI name are renowned for the utmost in quality, usability, and reliability. Optics are no different. ARRI lenses are used the world over for cinema, television, and commercial production. As a matter of fact, ARRI developed both the newer, large-format LPL lens mount and the original PL mount. Robust, yet simple in design, these lens mounts serve as the standard for cine-style cameras. Reliably introducing new technologies and implementing creative designs, ARRI’s current innovations in the cinema-lens space include the large-format Signature Primes.

LPL-Mount Prime Lenses

ARRI’s array of 12 large-format Signature Primes offers focal lengths ranging from 12mm to 280mm. Each prime features organic imaging with fine detail, soft, attractive bokeh, and smooth focus fall-off for highlighting your subject against its background. The fast T1.8 apertures found on the 12 to 150mm primes are ideal for producing shallow depth of field and the longer 200mm and 280mm lenses feature relatively fast T2.5 and T2.8 apertures, respectively. The LPL lens mount transfers lens data via LDS-2 and is compatible with ARRI LDS-1 and Cooke/i Technology. The multiple award-winning Signature Primes even include a magnetic rear net holder for easily adding stockings, nets, and voile as diffusion.

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