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Apple Updates 16″ MacBook Pro with Powerful AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU

Today, Apple announced a powerful new graphics option for the 16″ MacBook Pro. Customers can now build their customized MacBook Pro to include an AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU. This high-end graphics processor features 8GB of HBM2 RAM, which is a significant step up from the previous top configuration. How significant? Apple claims the new GPU can score benchmarks up to 75% faster than its predecessor, which, if true, would justify the extra cost for the upgrade.

The updated 16″ MacBook features an AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU with 8GB of HBM2 RAM.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the MacBook Pro’s previous top configuration includes an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory, which still makes it an absolute beast when it comes to performance. So even without the 5600M upgrade, you’re still going to get a machine that can handle the majority of your demanding tasks. However, there are plenty of users working in graphically demanding arenas who need both the horsepower and the fastest performance speeds, and this updated GPU looks like it could be a good fit for them.  

Does your ideal 16″ MacBook Pro include the 5600M GPU, or is the 5500M (or less) good enough for you? Let us know what you think in the Comments section, below.        

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