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Apple Announces HomePod mini and iPhone 12 Lineup at Live Event

Apple held its “Hi, Speed” event today and, as expected, we got our first official look at the new iPhone 12, which is available in four (four!) different configurations. Along with the new smartphones, Apple also introduced its latest smart speaker, the HomePod mini. In case you missed it, here’s everything Apple debuted today.

HomePod mini

Apple kicked off the event with a bit of a surprise announcement: the HomePod mini—a miniaturized (and slightly rounder) follow-up to the original HomePod. Like its predecessor, the new HomePod mini features an attractive mesh fabric exterior with an illuminated touch surface on top that allows users to navigate music, adjust volume, and interact with Siri. So far, it’s available in two colors: white and space gray. Sitting on a shelf, the white version sort of looks like a futuristic candle—which is a very good and cool thing.  

HomePod mini

The HomePod mini features Apple’s new S5 chip, which, according to Apple, works alongside the company’s specialized acoustic waveguide technology to produce incredible, immersive sound. Supposedly, this approach uses the same acoustic principles as the original HomePod, which, we can confirm, sounds really, really good. 

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