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Affordable USB Microphones, Headphones, and Accessories from Mackie

Keep your budget low and get a great setup for podcasting, livestreaming, voice recording, songwriting, conferencing, or producing music at home or on the go with Mackie’s latest line of USB microphones, headphones, and accessories, now at B&H. Thanks to stunningly simple plug-and-play operation and quality components, this gear from Mackie aims you straight for success, no matter your recording experience.

For those looking to expend the smallest number of dollars while upgrading your sound for e-meetings, YouTube video production, or voice-over work, consider the EM-91CU, a foolproof USB condenser mic with no configuration required; just plug it into your computer and start using your favorite chat or audio software. The EM-91CU relies on a traditional cardioid polar pattern to capture your voice cleanly with less ambience and background noise than the omnidirectional mics found in most computers and mobile devices. Since it runs at 16-bit/48 kHz, you can be confident that it will be compatible with all sorts of programs and apps.

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